January 11 , 2019 | #InLoveWith

Victor Küppers at the second edition of our #BellaAuroraInspiringTalks

To kick start the year with energy and optimism, Bella Aurora Labs organised the second #BellaAuroraInspiringTalks featuring someone special, a person who deserves the title of “the most enthusiastic speaker in the land”. Victor Küppers qualified in Business Administration and Management but in recent years he has been focusing on his ability to communicate, inspire and excite. Naturally, he didn’t let us down!
For more than two hours, the team at Bella Aurora smiled, chuckled and shed a few tears as they listened attentively to the originator of the theory that “people are like light bulbs because we emit and capture sensations”. And because we inspire and trigger change, we must “have a good attitude and live life with enthusiasm”.
The second of our #BellaAuroraInspiringTalks talks was extremely beneficial to the team at Bella Aurora Labs, who identified closely with this positive psychology and values like passion, commitment to others and enthusiasm.

Victor Küppers at the second edition of our #BellaAuroraInspiringTalks
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