May 10 , 2021 | Launches and Campaigns

Repigment: Bella Aurora’s new treatment for white patches of skin

After four years working with Dr Matteo Bordignon, an Italian dermatology specialist and vitiligo researcher, Bella Aurora, a company with more than 130 years of experience studying melanocytes has launched Repigment, their first effective treatment for white patches of skin. As well as stopping new white patches from appearing, this patented product also restores the pigment to the affected areas.

In 2013, Dr Bordignon published a study proving that MIA protein was causing hypopigmentation or white patches of skin. He showed that MIA breaks the adhesion system of the melanocyte to the basal membrane, from which it disappears. It is the absence of melanocytes that causes the appearance of white patches.

The new Repigment line consists of the repigmenting cream that contains the Repigma12 peptide to block the MIA protein, and RepigmentSun capsules, a food supplement that to prepare the skin for exposure to the sun or radiation. The treatment must be accompanied by exposure to natural sunlight or artificial UV light.

Repigment is available from, from pharmacies and from the drugstore department in El Corte Inglés.

Now, with Repigment, there is hope for everyone who suffers from this skin condition. 

Repigment: Bella Aurora’s new treatment for white patches of skin


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