June 3 , 2022 | Launches and Campaigns

Bella Aurora launches its first Live Shopping event

On 25 May, to commemorate International Skin Pigmentation Day, Bella Aurora conducted its first Live Shopping event: a tutorial broadcast live from www.bella-aurora.com.

With this new format, Bella Aurora provides a new experience to its consumers, combining digital innovation with the friendliness and empathy that characterise the brand.

The Live Shopping tutorial starred Noelia Donaire, Beauty Training Coach at Bella Aurora, and Miriam Prat @mirpratur, teacher and influencer with over 250,000 followers on Instagram. Consumers were able to discover more about the anti-dark spot ritual with them while also receiving skin care tips as well as exclusive discounts on direct purchases of the products highlighted during the event.

The first Bella Aurora Live Shopping event was held in the Casa Bella Aurora in Barcelona. This unique and intimate venue was the perfect setting for our new digital project.

Bella Aurora launches its first Live Shopping event


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