March 5 , 2019 | Launches and Campaigns

Bella Aurora harnesses cutting edge technologies to fight dark spots

Bella Aurora has been spearheading research into dark spots, finding solutions to skin problems, seeking solutions for their treatment and elimination.
Now, after more than two years of research and development, Bella Aurora presents exclusive technology that represents a turning point in knowledge and treatment of dark spots.

B-Core 221TM Technology: An innovative, revolutionary system consisting of active ingredients integrated into a smart capsule for quick absorption into the basal layers, where depigmenting substances target the melanocyte, without wasting the ingredient on the way. The capsule is designed to fit perfectly into the melanocyte and, once there, it releases 100% of its active substance for a faster, more effective depigmenting effect.

Our first launching featuring new B-Core 221TM Technology is bio10 forte Intensive Depigmenting Ampoules. An intensive treatment for marks of all types on the skin, including dark spots, hormonal marks and melasmas, liver spots and post-inflammatory blemishes caused by dermatological treatments, blue light and environmental pollution.
bio10 forte ampoules are suitable for all skin types and are the perfect addition to any daily facial treatment.

With this new patent, Bella Aurora has cemented its position as a world leader in skin depigmentation, offering visible results in just 3 weeks.

Bella Aurora harnesses cutting edge technologies to fight dark spots


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