March 29 , 2023 | Launches and Campaigns

Bella Aurora launches its new line of sun protection

Bella Aurora Laboratories, a leading brand in skincare, introduces its new line of sun protection. With over 130 years of experience studying melanocyte behavior, Bella Aurora has developed three innovative sunscreens that shield the skin from solar radiation, prevent the appearance of dark spots, and care for your skin 365 days a year.

These three new sunscreens, fortified with antioxidant ingredients, enhance the skin's natural barrier, boost collagen and elastin production, providing firmness and elasticity.

UVA PLUS PROTECT: Featuring UVA Reforce Tech, a blend of state-of-the-art sun filters, it offers high protection against UVA rays while preventing the formation of spots.

MINERAL: Formulated without chemical filters, this sunscreen is ideal for sensitive and intolerant skin. Its physical filters provide high protection, deeply moisturize the skin, and are environmentally friendly.

ULTA-MAT: Infused with niacinamide and turmeric, this sunscreen not only depigments but also evens out skin tone and facilitates DNA repair. Thanks to the wet film, it forms a layer that prevents shine on the skin.

Bella Aurora launches its new line of sun protection


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