December 4 , 2023 | Launches and Campaigns

Artist Pils Ferrer and Bella Aurora create the perfect gift

Always in the pursuit of caring for and pampering women's skin, Bella Aurora, in collaboration with artist Pils Ferrer, has created a very special collection of gifts to surprise our loved ones. An exceptional gift presented in an original box, specially designed by the artist using the collage technique.

"When Bella Aurora contacted me to create their packs, I was very excited. I find them to be a very special gift. I wanted to create timeless designs that would allow the consumer to use the box as a keepsake. For the collages, I used flowers that are also ingredients in the creams, animals like birds that are already part of my imagination and that I believe identify well with Bella Aurora. The result is classic and timeless compositions designed for the Bella Aurora woman," stated Pilar García-Ferrer.

Pilar García-Ferrer is an architect and artist, two disciplines she combines to achieve international recognition. Her artworks are always laden with stories that are drawn and intertwined with elegance. Inspired by women, beauty, and art, these original gifts contain a selection of Bella Aurora treatments dedicated to the different moments of a woman's skin.

Artist Pils Ferrer and Bella Aurora create the perfect gift


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